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George Washington's Prayers


Washington dutifully recorded the words of advice his mother, Mary, gave him when he was leaving home to begin what would turn out to be a lifelong service to his country. She instructed her son with these words: “Remember that God is our only one trust. To Him, I commend you … My son, neglect not the duty of secret prayer.” 

And did George Washington heed his mother‘s admonition? Of course he did.  
Throughout his life, whether while a young man, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, or President of the United States, George Washington showed, by example, how meaningful were his mother’s teachings. 



This is a book that I will return to many times for inspiration. Very good book for everyone to read.

Amazon Customer Review


The prayers of George Washington are truly inspirational! Great book. A must read for anyone wanting to know what importance God was to the the founding of our country, and to the father of our nation.

Amazon Customer Review

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